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In 1971, former electrician and gem enthusiast Tom Moriarty put down his tool belt and picked up a suitcase full of gems, beginning a journey through the Midwest to sell fine gemstones from his personal collection to jewelers. What began as a part time hobby quickly grew into a full time business, with clients ranging from New York to California, supplying the finest gemstones and diamonds to jewelers to sell to their clients. In the mid nineties, Tom evolved the business from strictly wholesale to provide access to his exquisite gems to the general public. His contacts ranged from Antwerp, Belgium to Idaar Oberstein, Germany, and many more. His annual trips abroad became legendary, with clients beginning to request larger and more unusual gemstones and diamonds. in 2008, Valparaiso University student Cullen Wulf joined the team, and worked closely with Tom to expand business, leading to a large facility expansion in 2011. With the extra room, it became possible to expand the already impressive collection of gem and diamond inventory even further. Since then, Cullen earned his GIA certification has begun taking the annual trips. In mid 2015, Cullen took over ownership of AaLand Diamond Jewelers, continuing a 47 year legacy of excellence established by Moriarty.

Custom Jewelry Inspired By Your Design

In addition to a robust selection of diamond wedding rings, we offer custom jewelry inspired by your design. See ourcustom jewelry process or contact us about our diamond concierge service.