Diamond jewelry is cherished for its beauty, shine, and symbolism. But choosing the right diamond, particularly for an engagement ring or another meaningful piece, is overwhelming. AaLand Diamond Jewelers wants to help educate you about different diamond cuts so the process can be as stress-free and valuable as possible.

Selecting the right diamond cut for your needs is one of the most important aspects of purchasing diamond jewelry. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a diamond, you should know the popular diamond cuts on the market. Ready for some sparkle? Read on.

The four C’s of diamonds

Diamonds are characterized and rated by what is known as “the four C’s.” The four C’s of diamonds important to know if you want to understand your existing diamonds or make an informed decision when choosing a diamond. Diamond prices are also determined by the 4 C’s and how a diamond stacks up in each category.

  • Cut: A diamond’s cut characterizes its proportions, angles, and symmetrical facet
  • Color: Diamond color is graded from D to Z (white/colorless to those with a yellowish or brown tint)
  • Clarity: The higher a diamond’s clarity, the fewer inclusions or blemishes it contains
  • Carat: A measure of the weight (not size) of the diamond

Which is the most important of the four C’s?

The diamond cut is the most important of the four C’s, as the cut is the most determining factor of a diamond’s beauty. Diamond cuts impact not just the shape but also the brilliance and overall look of a diamond more than any of the other characteristics of a diamond. Different types of diamond cuts put off varying amounts of spark, and the cut of a diamond has a major impact on the diamond’s value.

What does cut mean for a diamond?

There’s a misconception that diamond cuts are all about shape. But a diamond cut is much more than just shape. The diamond cut is the arrangement of the diamond’s facets (facets are the flat surfaces you see on a diamond when you look at it closely). A diamond’s cut determines its brightness (white light reflections), fire (flashes of color), and scintillation (contrasting areas of light and dark). In short, diamond cuts determine how much your diamond will dazzle!

How are diamonds cut?

A diamond must be cut in order to be transformed from a raw stone into a beautiful, faceted gem—a process that takes extreme craftsmanship and expertise. Designing or planning a diamond or diamond jewelry piece is typically done using computer software. The actual cutting is performed by hand or machine and involves using a laser or steel blade to cleave or saw the diamond. 

What are the different cuts of diamonds?

There are 10 cuts of diamonds that are the most prevalent. (See the next section for more detailed info on the most popular types of diamond cuts.)

  • Round – A timeless choice, round cut diamonds are known for their brilliance.
  • Princess – A more contemporary look, princess cut diamonds work well in a variety of settings.
  • Pear – Pear cut diamonds are unique, tear-drop shaped diamonds.
  • Cushion – Also known as a “pillow cut,” cushion cut diamonds feature softly rounded edges for a classic, romantic look.
  • Heart – A truly romantic option, heart cut diamonds are what they sound like: heart-shaped.
  • Emerald – Emerald cut diamonds, which have a rectangular shape and a step cut, have a vintage look and lots of luster.
  • Asscher – An asscher cut diamond is an updated version of the emerald cut. They are square and known for their sparkle.
  • Oval – An oval cut diamond is a more modern, unique take on a round cut diamond.
  • Marquis – The marquis cut diamond is another unique choice. Shaped like a football, it has an elongating effect.
  • Radiant – A cross between a cushion cut diamond and princess cut diamond, radiant cut diamonds deliver intense sparkle.

What are the most popular diamond cuts? 

Of the diamond cuts listed above, the following tend to be the most popular, each with its own personality that reflects the personality of its wearer. 

Round Cut 

For the classic, traditional personality, round cut diamond can stand alone as a solitary diamond. Sometimes, it gets cushioned between several other diamonds. Other times, it receives a sparkling halo of diamonds. In any setting, your classic round cut will maximize the gemstone’s brilliance and shine.

Princess Cut

Next up, we have the princess cut. Contemporary and stylish, these diamond cuts come in square and rectangular shapes. People flock to the princess cut because, while other diamond shapes tend to emit their brilliance from the center, princess cut diamonds emit their brilliance from the center as well as all four corners.

Emerald Cut

While your princess cut diamond offers a square or rectangular shape, an emerald cut diamond enters the party with a twist. It, too, is rectangular, but its facets are step-cut into the diamond’s center. What this does is highlight the stone’s clarity because you can almost see right through the diamond’s perfection. Emerald cut diamonds are a great choice for glam and sophistication.

Oval Cut

If you know someone with long, lean finders, an oval cut diamond might make for a gorgeous ring. A unique, bold choice, it’s revered as a modern twist on the classic round cut. Like it’s comrade, the round cut, it sparkles with intense brilliance from the center and matches well with all other forms of jewelry, given its modernity.

Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut isn’t as talked about as your round or emerald cut, but it’s certainly another dazzling option. They take on a bit of an emerald cut appeal. That is, they too are step cut down into the diamond’s center. However, instead of taking on a rectangular shape, they’re cut into a square shape. These cuts of diamonds sprang to the spotlight in the 1920s, meaning they come with a gorgeous, retro appeal.

What are the best diamond cuts?

The best diamond cut is a question of personal preference and needs. If you’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring, for instance, you may have different needs than if you’re looking for a diamond necklace or diamond earrings

That said, many jewelers and jewelry enthusiasts would say round cut diamonds are an ideal choice for their classic, timeless appeal and standout brilliance. Others might vote princess cut diamonds as a solid choice due to their updated look and versatility in different diamond settings. 

As far as price, round diamonds tend to be on the higher end at all sizes, whereas the other options (also called “fancy cut” diamonds) can be found at lower prices depending on size and other factors.

Diamond Shapes for Every Personality

At AaLand Diamond Jewelers, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers so we can best meet their needs. 

With your newfound knowledge of diamond cuts, feel free to scan our engagement ring collection. You’ll see we have a cut and design suitable for every personality.

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