It’s not just another step in the wedding process, it’s the beginning of the rest of your life!

You want to get it right, right?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to buy an engagement ring the right way.

How to Buy an Engagement Ring: 5 Steps

1. Remain Calm

The engagement ring is a big deal, but it doesn’t need to give you a panic attack to get right. While there seems to be a lot of pressure from the media to get the proposal perfect the first time, all you want is to make your S.O. happy.

Try to make this purchase as personable and relatable to your future spouse as possible. Take your time so you don’t make any rushed decisions. Above all, remain calm.

2. Establish a Budget

You’re in a tough position: you don’t want to break the bank, but you don’t want a cheap purchase. Before you can begin looking at the price of details, you need to have a plan on how much to spend.

If you have a set range when you set off, you’ll have a lot less stress over the insane variety of choices at hand. Know that the price of a ring is usually negotiable, too. If a choice is slightly out of your range, tell the jeweler.

You may be shocked at how much your budget can get you (and your spouse).

3. Listen to Your S.O.

Has your significant other ever dropped hints about a style or cut they’re interested in? Have they commented on someone else’s ring–perhaps in your friend group or from a celebrity’s engagement?

Look for their style preferences by listening when they comment on jewelry. Create situations that will jog their imagination without letting in on the big surprise.

4. Discover Their Ring Size

What good is getting the perfect ring if it doesn’t fit in the end? But how can you get the size and fit right without letting in on your plans?

The answer isn’t surprising: you’ll have to take a ring they’re not using as a model. Look for the ring of the typical ring finger on either hand or look to rings they wear on their pointer finger.

Just make sure you cover your tracks well to maintain the surprise. It’s wise to avoid raising suspicion, though, so don’t get too lost in your schemes.

5. Choose the Band and Stone

It’s good to know going in whether your S.O. wants a silver, white gold or gold band (among others). Is there a certain diamond cut and shape that they’ve mentioned before?

If not, don’t stress! Pay attention to their jewelry choices and bring pictures to show the jeweler when you browse. Jewelers are there to help you explore options, so test their knowledge and get their industry opinion.

It’s as Easy as That!

Sure it’s a major decision, but now you’re a lot more educated on how to buy an engagement ring. Besides additional help from your jeweler, there is a load of additional help and resources available online. No need to stress.

For instance, head on over to the AaLAND Blog now for more industry tips and professional insight into picking out the perfect ring to last a lifetime!