If you’re thinking of popping the wedding question, you certainly want to wow your bride-to-be. We’ve compiled five hot engagement ring trends, so you’ll know exactly what to look for when you visit your local jeweler.

Engagement Ring Traditions

Wedding bands date back into ancient history. If you’re not the traditional sort, this may disappoint you. But these traditions weren’t as glamorous as they are now. In all the centuries before, the ring was a symbol of partnership or ownership. The first diamond engagement ring wasn’t offered until the mid-1400s.

Now, though, rings are a symbol of how much you love someone. And how long you want to stay committed to them. Today’s rings—both engagement and wedding—are a testament to how trends change over the years.

Top Engagement Ring Trends

If you’re not familiar with engagement rings, you might get confused when you search the store. Round, princess, cushion? These words likely don’t mean a thing to you.

This guide will help you find the perfect ring style for your beloved.

1. Colorful Rings for Unique Brides

Right now, most people don’t want to be traditional. And what better way to stand out than to add some color?

Color accents, such as ruby and sapphire, are one of the top trends in engagement rings. People want the classic look of the diamond paired with a pop of color.

2. Metal Color Matters

Gold-Colored Ring on Hands Surrounded By Green Foliage

It might come as a surprise to some, but the color of the metal in a ring matters. Yellow gold is classic, white gold is eye-catching, and rose gold is a good mix. While mixing metals isn’t to make new colors isn’t new, it’s the way people are doing it that is surprising.

One of the hottest and newest engagement ring styles is mixed metals, only in different parts of the ring. For example, pairing a yellow gold band with a white gold halo. It allows for a whole new look that catches everyone’s attention.

So to answer the popular question, “Are rose gold or white gold engagement rings too trendy?”, the answer is no—especially if your gemologist has a keen eye for style.

3. Pear-Shaped Diamonds

The cut of the diamond is as important as the metal choice, if not more so. The way a diamond is cut says a lot about someone’s personality.

While princess and round cuts have always been the most popular, there’s a new shape in town. The pear-shaped diamond is the new classy cut. And it’s taking over the bridal scene.

It’s fresh, and still new enough to be considered unique.

4. Rough Diamonds

Before, everyone obsessed over the perfection of a gemstone. But in recent years, a gem in its natural state has become popular.

If your partner is someone that likes things in their natural state, rough diamonds might be for you. They’re perfectly imperfect and make quite the statement.

Custom Engagement Rings

After the decision to get married, choosing the ring is the most important step. It can be daunting when trying to find the right ring for the one you love.

If seeing engagement ring trends doesn’t help, explore different styles at a jewelry store—or even design a ring of your own! At Aaland, we’re dedicated to helping you create a custom ring that speaks from the heart, one that makes your engagement (and, eventually, your wedding) special.

Make your appointment with us for a hassle-free, comfortable consultation. We love helping customers make their relationship even more special.