10 Ways to Take Care of Your Diamond Jewelry and Keep It Sparkling

Diamond jewelry is in a league of its own. Stunning, unique, and timeless, it makes wearers feel sophisticated. While every gemstone is beautiful in its own right, diamonds are the epitome of luxury and elegance. Whether you’ve just acquired your first diamond or have been collecting them for years, make sure you know how to […]

Our Favorite Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

When it comes to celebrity engagements rings are often just as dazzling as the stars themselves. From classic solitaires to extravagant custom designs, these luxurious symbols of love never fail to create an impact. At AaLAND Diamond Jewelers, we are passionate about all things that sparkle. In celebration of this shared love, we’ve compiled a […]

How to Identify a Black Diamond: Is It Real or Fake?

Black diamonds have taken a center stage in the jewelry industry for the past few years. Who wouldn’t love it? It’s unique, it has stunning beauty, and a black stone is just pure sexy. Everyone is used to the beauty of colorless diamonds, but when you see a black diamond, you’ll fall in love. But […]

Understanding a Diamond Grading Report

Key Takeaways Diamond Rating – Beyond the 4Cs We have all heard about the diamond’s 4Cs. Jewelers and buyers base their buying decisions on these 4 key characteristics. When a diamond does not come without a report, we usually rely on independent appraisers to give us the quality and the value of a diamond. However, […]

Understanding 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k Gold karats

Gold jewelry comes in different karats, also known as gold purity or gold fineness. For wedding rings and engagement rings, the most popular gold purity is 14k, while finer pieces of jewelry usually are 18k gold. We seldom see 24k gold, and we barely encounter 10k in high-end jewelry. Related Read: Is Gold Magnetic? This […]

Most Expensive Jewelry Sold at An Auction in 2021

2021 has already come to an end. What better way to wrap up the previous year by bringing you the top 10 most expensive jewelry sold at Christie’s and Sotheby’s in 2021.  Last year’s jewelry are very interesting. The list consists of rings and earrings, some with significant provenance attached to it (such as the […]

5-Carat Diamond Ring: Cost and Considerations

It is quite unusual, although not completely impossible, to see 5-carat diamond rings. this is because, as diamond gets larger and heavier, the more expensive their price per carat is. It is also more difficult to get a good quality diamond of this size. Why? Because the color and clarity are so evident that getting […]

4-Carat Diamond Ring: Cost and Considerations

A 4-carat diamond ring is a sight to behold. Not only is the cost per carat more expensive for a 4-carat compared to 1-carat, 2-carat, and 3-carat diamond rings, but it is also more difficult to get a good quality diamond of this size. The higher the carat weight, the greater the quality it requires. […]

3-Carat Diamond Ring: Cost and Considerations

Similar to 1-Carat and 2-Carat diamond rings, the cost of a 3-carat diamond engagement ring depends on a lot of factors. The diamond’s quality – Color, Clarity, and Cut – affect the price of a diamond. Read: Understanding Diamond Ratings: A Comprehensive Guide to the 4 C’s Buying an engagement ring can be confusing. In […]

Engagement Ring Settings: Choosing the Best Engagement and Wedding Ring Designs

Previously we have briefly discussed the different band styles for engagement rings. In this article, we will discuss in detail the different engagement ring settings (or band settings), along with the “anatomy” of an engagement ring, what to look for in a design – anything you need to know so you can buy or design […]