Why Are Pearls so Expensive? Your Complete Guide to Buying Pearl and Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have fascinated our society for decades. What started as a mythological symbol for tears of joy by the goddess Aphrodite, pearls became the status symbol for wealth, luxury, and elegance – worn by royalties, nobles, and the elite. Even Cleopatra, as a display of her power and wealth to the Roman Empire, dissolved one […]

Black Engagement and Wedding Rings: What you need to know

Recently, we are seeing rising demand for black engagement and wedding rings. Some prefer it because it’s on-trend right now, others prefer the durability of the material used, while others want it because of the contrast it brings. black wedding rings can be traced back to the Greco-Roman era where couples exchanged onyx carved rings […]

Simulated Diamonds: Diamond vs. Moissanite and Other Gemstones

Since mined diamonds are scarce and not to mention, expensive, the search and market for diamond alternatives arise. And that’s why we have simulated diamonds. Simulated Diamonds are stones created to simulate the look of a diamond. Unlike diamonds, which are made up of pure carbon, these diamond simulants have different chemical compositions which affect […]

Diamond Engagement Ring Alternatives for Your Proposal

Are you planning out the best proposal for the love of your life? You’re probably thinking of getting the best engagement ring as a sign of your love. While a traditional diamond ring has been associated with engagements and for so long, it doesn’t fit every couple.   Depending on your style, personality, ethical reasons, and […]

What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is gifted to a romantic partner as a symbol of a “promise”. It can be given by one person to another or each other. This ring can be about anything, But usually, it is a pledge of a betrothal in the future and is described to be pre-engagement rings. At this stage, […]

Why Are Diamonds So Expensive? [And Worth The Price!]

For thousands of years, diamonds have existed as a symbol of wealth and luxury. It is one of the hardest materials in the world but why are diamonds s expensive? Here are some interesting facts on why these precious gemstones are highly coveted. Reasons Why Diamonds Are So Expensive Natural diamonds are hard to mine […]

How Diamonds are Made

The formation of diamonds is one of the things you may find yourself curious about. Knowing this type of information will make you appreciate this popular gemstone even better. Therefore, nurture your current diamond know-how with the information you find in this whole article. Naturally-made Diamonds Natural diamonds have been around for 3.5 billion years […]

Fake Diamonds: How to Spot Them

In the world of gems, there are some substitutes and stimulants that make a piece of jewelry not real. If you want to expand your knowledge of diamonds, you can also learn a thing or two about fake diamonds. In the US, there is a high demand for diamonds through the years and has a CAGR of 3% until […]

What Your Favorite Gemstone Says About You

Studies show there are roughly 200 different gemstones on the planet. These gems range from the well-known to the obscure. That means there’s plenty of choices, but chances are one has a special place in your heart. Discover what the gemstone you love most says about you. Ruby: The Determined Leader Just like the bright red stone, […]

How To Clean Jewelry

The right jewelry pieces can add a stunning accent to your attire. However, you must maintain these accessories if you want them to provide the perfect sparkle and shine. You can clean your jewelry at home when it needs a little bit of polishing and dirt removal, but you should take precious pieces to a […]