Crown Point Diamond Jewelers

AaLand Diamond Jewelers is a Diamond Jeweler Company Serving Crown Point, Indiana.

For 47 years, our jewelry store has specialized in everything from diamond earrings to estate, vintage and antique jewelry. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials to deliver the best product to our customers.

Crown Point Engagement Rings

At AaLand Diamond Jewelers, we have a vast collection of engagement rings. Let one of our experienced staff members accommodate you and help you find the ring style you or your significant other likes. We’ll help make your life’s most important decision easier.

“He was very knowledgeable and my ring turned out just how I wanted it!!”

I really wanted an engagement ring that was different and had a colored stone instead of a diamond. Cullen helped custom design my ring with the stone and color gold that I was looking for. It was refreshing to have someone so eager and happy to help me with my ring! He was very knowledgeable and my ring turned out just how I wanted it!! We will be using Aaland Diamond Jewelers in the future.

Lauren Butte

Diamond Bracelets in Crown Point

Diamond bracelets are a popular option to buy, but can be nerve-wracking trying to make sure you find a quality piece while preparing to purchase a new diamond bracelet. When you are looking for a diamond bracelet to buy, make sure you pay attention to the color of the diamonds, the clarity, the size of the diamonds, and the cut.

Crown Point Diamond Earrings

When purchasing a pair of diamond earrings, quality is important. With so many different varieties of colors, shapes, sizes, and levels of quality, it can be difficult to decide which earrings are for you. If you want to feel confident in the quality of your diamond, be sure to search out reviews before making an online purchase and check the diamonds’ certification by a third party.

Testimonial great engagement ring

“He created a true masterpiece with my engagement ring”

Absolutely love Cullen and Aaland’s work! He created a true masterpiece with my engagement ring, by including my grandmother’s wedding ring into the design. I was blown away when I came to find out he was able to use her entire ring into my ring. My fiancé also loved working with Cullen he treats you as a friend and doesn’t make the diamond/ring shopping intimidating at all. I definitely  recommend him to all.

Regina Whetstone

Diamond Necklaces in Crown Point

Diamonds are one of the most precious stones in existence. Therefore, it’s essential you select the right diamond. Like bracelets and earrings, diamond necklaces come in all styles. It’s also important to pay attention to the diamonds and gemstones in the necklace, the cut of the diamond, and necklace type and length.

Crown Point Diamond Watches

AaLand Diamond Jewelers has the finest selection of diamond watches in Crown Point. We offer men’s and women’s watches and watches for everyday and special occasions broughts to you by Rolex, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Cartier, Movado, and many more!  A good diamond watch sends the right message about who you are as a person. Diamond watches are also a good investment.