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Diamond bracelets are a popular option to buy but can provide those new to jewelry some confusion.

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Unsure where to start?

Read below for a few things you need to look for when searching for the perfect diamond bracelet!

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What You Should Look for in a High Quality Diamond Bracelet



When you are looking for a diamond bracelet to buy, make sure to pay attention to the color of the diamonds that are set in the piece.

Higher quality is usually identified by a whiter and colorless stone color. This means the bracelet will be more expensive.

While the diamonds in your bracelet don’t have to be exactly the same quality, be sure to check that they are at least similar. Contrasting color hues may be a distraction you are unhappy with.

The whitest stones are not always the best option. If you choose a gold bracelet bangle, diamonds with a slight yellow tint may make the piece look more seamless.


While shopping for a new bracelet, always check out the diamond clarity. This is a term for the number of flaws or impurities that may exist. It also concerns how visible they are.

Similar to color, the higher the clarity, the more expensive the diamond will be. This sometimes is not as important when buying a bracelet as opposed to an engagement ring because the stones will be set in a bracelet.

Ultimately, some of the stone will be hidden. Still, be sure to check that none of the stones in the bracelet have flaws that are really visible. This would include things like white spots or crack lines.

Size of the Diamonds

A third thing to look for when shopping for a diamond bracelet is the actual size of the diamonds. A large stone may sound appealing, but be careful. As a stone’s size increases, so do the visibility of any flaws.

It’s important to consider size within the context of other factors like color and clarity. A large stone of high clarity may work for you, but a large stone with low clarity may be unappealing to you.

Regardless of what size of diamonds you choose for your bracelet, keep up a proper cleaning regiment. This will ensure your piece lasts.

Diamond Cuts

One last factor to consider when looking for a new bracelet is the cut of the diamonds. The cut of a diamond influences how impactful the stone is, or how “brilliant” it will look.

Don’t confuse cut with the shape. Shape refers to the form of a diamond, while cut relates to proportions of the stone.

This aspect is not the most important when checking diamonds within a bracelet. Just make sure the stones appear bright and sparkly.

Diamond Bracelet: Research and then Buy

While preparing to purchase a new diamond bracelet, it can be nerve-wracking trying to make sure you find a quality piece. But if you take these few things to look out for, you will find one you fall in love with.

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