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What Should I Look For in a Diamond Buyer?

First off, you shouldn’t sell your diamonds at a pawn shop or a “cash-for-diamonds” superstore. You’ll want to sell your diamonds to a reputable diamond buyer. Fortunately for Crown Point residents, AaLand is one of the best diamond buyers in the country.

You shouldn’t feel pressured into making a decision. We understand that selling a diamond can be emotionally difficult, and a buyer who hassles and haggles for the best deal possible only adds stress and turmoil to the transaction.

At AaLand Diamond Jewelers, we’ll offer you an honest, hassle-free approach to diamond buying. What’s best? We’ll offer you the maximum amount of cash for your unwanted diamonds.

What Kinds of Diamonds Does AaLand Purchase?

We buy all kinds! It’s that simple.

If you’re looking to get rid of a diamond and replace it for another, we’re your destination, too: We sell a wide variety of diamond jewelry pieces.

How Are Diamonds Priced?

Price is determined by a number of factors:

  • Color and clarity
  • Carat weight
  • Shape
  • Cut and proportion
  • Marketability

Our professional appraisers evaluate these factors and others in front of you. We’ll explain in detail the value of your diamond. We’ll also answer your questions, such as which cut of diamond you ownhow we rate your diamond, and how you should proceed to sell your diamond.

We will then make you a high cash offer. If you accept our offer as most people do, cash is paid immediately. As mentioned, we won’t force you into any obligations or contracts.

What Are the Benefits of Cash Offers?

It almost goes without saying that if you’re selling diamonds, you need cash offers, not insurance appraisals. Cash offers from a diamond dealer or jeweler will help you determine the actual cash value of your items. An offer is the actual cash price you will be paid on the spot for your jewelry or diamonds.

The alternative—insurance appraisals—represents a high estimate of replacing the diamond at a retail jewelry store. It includes overstated costs like the jeweler’s expenses and profit, not to mention the cost of reproducing your exact item.

Plus, insurance appraisals ignore several crucial factors, including the condition, marketability, and style of the item. These factors cause insurance appraisals to be much higher than the actual cash value. For these reasons, the value from insurance appraisals does not accurately reflect the actual cash value of your diamond.

Be wary, also, of a jeweler or dealer that suggests a consignment. The jeweler will want to sell his or her merchandise first before getting you cash for your diamonds. Frequently, consignments drag out the process for months or years. It’s even possible your diamonds never get sold.

Do I Need to Bring An Appraisal or Receipt?

If your diamond has an independent third party laboratory grading certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), bring it to our showroom in Crown Point along with your diamond.

Appraisals and receipts are not necessary, though. Aaland Diamond Jewelers has a staff of GIA trained professional appraisers. However, if you have your appraisal or receipt, by all means, bring them in with your diamond!

Sell Your Diamonds to a Top-Rated Diamond Jewelry Buyer in the United States

Don’t just take our word for it. AaLand Diamond Jewelers has over 650 five-star reviews. No single location diamond buyer in the country has as many positive reviews.

Listen to what one of our clients said about his experience working with AaLand Diamond Jewelers.

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“He always shoots straight with me and offers fair pricing.”

“I’ve done a few pieces of business with AaLAND diamond and they are great! I’ve sold a few diamonds to Cullen and he always shoots straight with me and offers fair pricing.

Fred Markovich

Looking to Get Paid?

Are you sitting on jewelry that you no longer wear, or have a piece that lost its importance to you? Want to turn that into cash? Unlike pawn shops and other giant jewelry store chains, AaLand will ALWAYS provide fair pricing to help you get the most for what you have.