Studies show there are roughly 200 different gemstones on the planet. These gems range from the well-known to the obscure. That means there’s plenty of choices, but chances are one has a special place in your heart. Discover what the gemstone you love most says about you.

Ruby: The Determined Leader

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Just like the bright red stone, ruby fans seem to glow with a fire deep within them. Rubies have symbolized leadership through time, featured in royal crowns and the swords of warriors. According to ancient legends, a ruby could make water boil, and candles melt. That same heat and determination courses through the veins of ruby lovers today. They’re typically leaders who feel at home running companies and organizing their social circles. They can be a little intense, but their passionate natures are a key part of their charm.

Emerald: The Calming Force

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People who love emeralds tend to be calming presences in the world. Just like the green color of their favorite stones, emerald fans have a serene peace about them that every social circle needs. You won’t see these people getting wrapped up in gossip and rumors. However, they’re the first person offering hugs, chocolate, or some friendly advice when their friends feel upset or anxious. Their kind hearts and ability to stay cool in times of crisis make them incredibly approachable and well-loved.

Turquoise: The Spiritual Center

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Turquoise devotees are spiritual souls who, like emerald fans, bring a calming energy to their friendship circle. They may or may not be religious, but they certainly believe in forces outside the world we understand. They’re often connected to nature, crystals, and all things mystical. Just like the vibrant stones they love, turquoise fans can be healers of hearts and minds. They also have similar protective qualities. If a turquoise lover is in your corner, you can feel confident facing whatever comes your way. They have unmatched loyalty, but get on their bad side and watch that gentle, spiritual soul’s claws come out!

Aquamarine: The Adventurous Spirit

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Image via Unsplash by andyjh07

People who love aquamarine never tend to sit still for too long. They have a thirst for adventure and are always on the move. Perhaps they feel a kinship to the sailors who wore aquamarine through history as protection from storms and pirate attacks. Whatever the reason, modern aquamarine lovers tend to have serious cases of wanderlust. You’ll rarely see them sunning themselves on a beach or browsing the strip malls when they travel either. They’d much rather seek out unique adrenaline experiences and get connected to the culture that’s around them.

Citrine: The Ray of Sunshine

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Image via Unsplash by jeneyeo

If you love citrine, chances are you’re as bright and bubbly as this vibrant yellow gemstone. The word citrine comes from the French word for lemon, so it’s unsurprising that citrine fans have a fresh energy and zest for life. They’re always the life of any party, dancing up a storm or laughing with a group, so it’s expected that their social calendars always seem to be full.

Some people say carrying this stone can turn negative thoughts into positive ones. The same seems to be true when people surround themselves with citrine lovers. All thought of work woes and relationship troubles seem to fade away when you’re around their positive energy.

Pink Tourmaline: The Sensitive Romantic

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Image via Flickr by Mauro Cateb

Pink tourmaline lovers are in touch with their emotions. They love nothing better than a good romantic comedy, and once they fall for someone in the real world, they fall hard. It makes sense when you understand more about this pretty pink stone. Scientists learned that heating or rubbing the stone created an electrical charge. That electric charge attracts forces near it, much like the lead characters in a Hollywood romance are inexplicably pulled together! Some say people who love pink tourmaline have their heads in the clouds. However, their sweetness and sincerity is refreshing in an increasingly cynical world.

Onyx: The Deep Thinker

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Image via Flickr by Mauro Cateb

People who love onyx tend to live their life outside the box. They’re not impressed by sparkly surfaces. Onyx lovers like to look deeper to see what’s inside. Just like the jet-black stones they love, people who adore onyx are often fascinated by the darker side of life. They devour true crime novels and love complex psychological thriller films. They make sense of the world through journaling and writing poetry.

Onyx lovers are thoughtful and introspective to the point of being brooding, so people often mistake them for being shy. However, get them talking one-on-one, and you’ll soon discover they have a lot to say.

Amethyst: The Curious Intellect

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Image via Unsplash by Jene Yeo

People who love amethysts are also thinkers, driven by a hunger for learning and a natural curiosity about the world around them. You’ll often see them with their noses in books, although they’re much more sociable than onyx lovers tend to be. They enjoy dinner parties and small gatherings where they can really connect with the people around them on a deeper level. However, don’t expect them to cut loose too much. The word amethyst actually means “not intoxicated.” While amethyst lovers won’t necessarily turn down that glass of bubbles, they always like to keep their wits about them.

Diamond: The Unbreakable Diva

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Image via Flickr by Seth Lemmons

People who love diamonds appreciate the finer things in life. Only the best will do because they know they deserve it. Diamond lovers shine in the spotlight. They can be divas at times, but others love their confidence and joie de vivre. Don’t mistake diamond lovers for people who are all sparkle and no substance, though. Just like their favorite gemstone, people who love diamonds are strong and resilient. They also share the diamond’s transparency, so you can trust what they tell you.

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