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Get instantly paid on your gold in 3-Easy Steps:


Have one of our professionals give you an estimate on your items for top dollar value.


Bring in your gold and we will test it and weigh it, right in front of you. We guarantee to beat any price.


Receive the highest amount on your gold and get paid right on the spot. 

Turn Your Gold Into Cash

Do you have any gold bars on you? Are you planning to sell them to make some money? Well, you have come to the right place. 

Welcome to our store where you can sell your gold and get cash instantly. We are expert dealers in precious metals, especially gold. 

We have trained staff who are ready to start testing your gold to determine the worth. 

Our process is simple. Bring your gold bars to us then we will test their purity levels. Next, we will make a cash offer that you can reject or accept.

We Give The Highest Price In The City

If you choose to accept the offer, you will receive the cash owed to you within a few minutes.

We purchase various carats of gold, whether 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k or 24k gold, feel free to sell it to us. The color doesn’t matter too. We can buy both white or yellow bars of gold. 

Even better, you can rest assured that we will offer you a very competitive price. Note that, we buy gold in any condition because we can refine it effortlessly. Bring your bars of gold to us and get the cash value for it within the shortest time possible.

we’re open from:

Mo-Fr 10Am to 6Pm

Sa 10Am to 5Pm

The Value

The cost of gold changes every day. Purity is the most important thing when it comes to determining the value of gold. When appraising any gold items, we will stick to the market value. Note that, even if different gold items might weigh the same, they might not have the same market value. 

The only pure gold items are 24k. If you have any lesser grades that you want to get rid of, you might not get the highest value. However, we will assess every item you bring to us and we can guarantee a fair market value. If you have received another offer, feel free to inform us so we can offer a competitive rate.

Selling Your Gold - What Is Our Buying Process?

If you choose to sell your gold to us, you can count on the easiest process. Over the years we have been in business, we have become a reputable gold buyer. We are not looking to steal your precious items from you. We have top-notch experts who will guarantee honest and fair appraisals for every gold item you bring to us.

You can relax knowing that you will always get a fair deal. Even better, the selling process will be completed in a few minutes.

You should be able to get cash for gold within 15-20 minutes of arriving at our store. Start by bringing the items you want to sell. Next, make sure you provide us with your legal identification for our record-keeping purposes.

Our gold buying process is streamlined to make sure that it is efficient and quick.

Here is what happens when you visit our store:

1. We will test every item to determine the quality

2. Then we will sort every item by karat and weight

3. We will confirm the market prices for gold to determine the net value

4. We will make a cash offer

5. If you accept it, you can get your cash immediately

Visit Our Store

Feel free to visit our store in person for the best gold buying service. We will make fair offers and instant payments. We can also buy other precious metals such as diamond, silver and much more.

We are open 6 days every week and are waiting for your business. If you are selling too many items, make an appointment so you can enjoy privacy during your transaction.

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