Standard Necklace Length

The most common question asked is “what is the standard necklace length?”. This question is a tricky one to answer because of one simple fact: we are all different.

The ideal, everyday necklace should fall just below the base of your neck. While most necklaces are from 16 inches to 18 inches for women and around 20 inches for men, it will vary from person to person. The person’s built and frame should be considered because the length will be different depending on where the necklace falls or sits.

It gets if we are to consider the chain of the necklace and the neckline/clothing. Certain lengths are more compatible with different clothing styles. Getting confused? No need to worry. AaLand shares with you this guide to help you get the perfect necklace.

Necklace Lengths for Women

There is no need to tell that women’s necklace selections are quite complicated. If you are as confused as most about which necklace goes well with that, read along.

There are a lot of options for lengths available. And while the most common you see in women are 16″ and 18″, certain lengths go well depending on the clothes you wear.


Collar necklaces should fit around your neck and essentially replace your collar. The usual length is about 14 inches but can vary depending on your neckline or built.

Wear with: While collar necklaces are not for everyone, it adds a touch of elegance when matched correctly. Collars look great when worn with a deep, scoop, or any neckline that greatly exposes the neck and collar.

On the contrary, it is not ideal when worn with necklines that cover the neck and collar (like halter or turtle necks)


Slightly longer than collars, choker necklaces should fall at the base of your throat. Being one of the most popular styles, the choker necklace is 16 inches in length but will vary depending on your built and frame.

Collar Necklace
14K White 5-Strand Bead Chain 13-16″ Choker

Wear with: Choker necklaces suit most frames and match most necklines. But to give it more emphasis, it is best to style it with open-collar shirts, v-necks, round, deep, or even regular crew-neck necklines.


The princess length must be the most popular length as this one falls elegantly on the collar bone and is suitable to be worn with pendants. The standard length of a princess necklace is 18 inches.

Cross necklaces, hearts and diamond pendants goes well with this length.

18 inches multiple stone necklace
14K Yellow Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Multi-Gemstone Station 18″ Necklace

Wear with: Just like chokers, princess lengths necklaces can be work with anything.


Matinee necklace length ranges 20 to 24 inches in length and should sit between inches below the collarbone and above the bust area. Matinee, though slightly longer, can also be work with a pendant, or with an elaborate chain, for a bit of emphasis.

Wear with: Matinee necklaces are best worn with anything as well, but the emphasis is on casual or corporate settings, and can also be worn with deep and semi-deep necklines.


Operas are long necklaces that fall on the bust area and might range from 24 inches to -36 inches, again depending on your frame or built. It can be longer or shorter as well depending on the length of your torso.

Wear with: Opera necklaces are best worn with high-neck necklines (boats, turtlenecks etc.) or deeply low necklines (such as a deep v, or deep u). May also be worn with pendants.


Ropes have the longest necklace length among the set. It is usually at 36 inches and should fall right below the bust area. Usual styles with ropes are pearl necklaces or chains with elaborate designs. Ropes, because of their length, could also double as choker necklaces.

Necklace Sterling silver 36
Sterling Silver Rhodium-Plated Cubic Zirconia Station 36″ Necklace

Wear with: Rope necklaces are usually worn with corporate attire, evening wear, or casual/plain shirts. May also be worn with pendants.

Necklace Lengths for Men

Necklace lengths for men are pretty straightforward. There are 4 common necklace lengths which start from 18 inches all the way to 24 inches.

  • 18 inches – should fall around the base of the neck
  • 20 inches – sits on the collarbone
  • 22 inches – typically falls a few inches below the collar bone, and
  • 24 inches (or more)
Gold Chain Necklace
14K Yellow 1.25 mm Wheat 18″ Chain

There isn’t any style or guide when it comes to styling guides as all will look great in any outfit. For men, the thing that is more considered is the type of chain.

The most common chain for men are the following:

  • rope chain
  • curb/figaro chain
  • rolo chain, and
  • thick chains

Best Metal for Necklaces

We have discussed the best metal for wedding bands and engagement rings in previous blog posts. In those posts, we have discussed each metal’s characteristics, and the pros and cons. While for rings, you can select which metals you prefer, the choices for necklaces are quite limited.

Common metal chains used are gold, silver, platinum, and stainless steel. While gold and platinum are great options, they are also quite expensive.

Silver and stainless steel are great alternatives. However, note that silver necklaces tend to oxidize a lot, especially since it is worn on the neck, therefore is exposed to sweat, and other chemicals. Special care is needed should you choose to wear silver jewelry.

Choosing the Right Necklace

Just like any other jewelry, the best necklace to wear depends on the clothing and the occasion. While standard necklace lengths were enumerated above, options are available where you can customize the size of your chain that will definitely fit your frame.

If you want one that is acceptable for everyday wear, then the classic 16-inch chain is great to have and customize your design with a selection of great pendants.

You can also “layer” your necklaces by choosing chains with different lengths and styles! Just be sure to take note of the metals you choose to layer, together with the chain style and pendants.

AaLand has a great selection of necklaces and pendants with different lengths and designs. You can even have customized lengths and designs, such as custom-fitting gemstones, personalized name necklaces, floating pendants and more! Visit our digital showroom, or our physical store and start shopping for your next great neckpiece.

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