February 11, 2021

What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is gifted to a romantic partner as a symbol of a “promise”. It can be given by one person to another or each other.

This ring can be about anything, But usually, it is a pledge of a betrothal in the future and is described to be pre-engagement rings.

At this stage, it is the first sign of love, fidelity, and devotion. Partners usually exchange rings if they don’t want to rush into marriage but want to solidify their devotion to each other. Since this is not an official ring, as compared to engagement or wedding rings, it can be worn on any finger on either hand.

Promise rings can also be, but rarely, a promise of a special friendship. Friendship rings are popular but are usually less expensive than regular promise rings. Both rings are meaningful but come with different intentions.

At times, a promise ring also stands for a purity ring. This ring is a commitment to sexual abstinence before marriage.

Below are some of the most popular questions about promise rings:

When is the best time to give a Promise Ring?

Promise rings are a sign of deep commitment. There is no hard-rule on the appropriate timing of giving this to your partner. However, some say that it is appropriate to give the ring at least 6 months into a serious relationship.

A promise ring, as mentioned, is a pre-engagement ring. Once the couple is ready to take their relationship to the next level, an engagement ring is given. An engagement ring symbolizes a promise to marry in the future.

Next are wedding rings. These are shown as the ultimate sign of commitment and is given during the ceremony. While promise rings are sometimes mistaken as wedding rings (because of the design of the ring and is worn by the couple), wedding rings usually replace promise rings.

Men’s Promise Rings

The most common question is, “are there promise rings for guys?”. The answer is yes! As this ring does not conform to any formal standard, it can be a symbol for any promise to anyone and men’s promise ring is not a new concept or is an exception.

While men usually give it to their partner, it can be the other way around. It can also stand as an engagement ring for a man is given by a woman since traditional engagement rings are usually for women.

Promise rings for men are gaining popularity. It is now not unusual to see or give one.

Promise Ring for Yourself

While a promise ring is usually given to a partner or partners and is worn similar to a wedding band, a promise ring can also be a gift to yourself as a sign of commitment to anything. Some promise rings stand as an oath to achieve a certain goal or as a sign of self-love.

What are the most popular types or styles of Promise Rings?

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Promise rings are usually simple and minimalist in design since this is not as formal as other rings. However, what is beautiful about these is it doesn’t have to conform to a particular look, style or design. You can choose from different kinds of metal (or steel), type of gemstone, and what to engrave.

Kind of Metal

When it comes to the type of band, gold and silver are the more popular metals. Gold rings with a smaller carat diamond, gemstones, or crystal are popular choices. Other metals are gaining popularity such as tungsten carbide, cobalt, platinum, ceramic, and even steel.

Yellow gold ring
14K Yellow Ring

Cobalt and tungsten are hypoallergenic metals and are strong and durable. Platinum is known for its strength and durability as well.

Tungsten wedding band
Black & 18K Rose Gold PVD Tungsten 6 mm Band

What’s great about promise rings is, unlike traditional wedding bands, they can showcase beautiful patterns, accents, and textures.

Type of Stone

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While some promise rings are plain, you have the option to put gemstones on your promise ring to make it special. A diamond promise ring is one of the popular designs, but any gemstone can be the highlight of your ring.

What’s great about our modern times is that different kinds of gemstones are becoming popular. You can choose your stones depending on the symbol that it gives.

Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are the most common gemstones. A 0.15-0.5 carat diamond promise ring is usually available in the market. The same carat is also advised for sapphires, emerald, and rubies. See our gem-vault and browse through our selection to know more about gemstones.


Promise rings are said to date back up to the 15th to 17th century. Known as posy rings, poems were engraved to the inner band of the ring. Time evolved and now, clients engrave the promises they made to their partner.

Some of the more popular designs involve engraving the promise in the inner brand. Unlike some wedding rings where the date or the name of the couple are engraved, some engrave the fingerprint of the couple.

You want a Promise Ring. What’s next?

AaLand Diamond can make any design or jewelry you want and have in mind. We offer different kinds of metals and stones to make your vision a reality. You can buy from our current selection of jewelry, change an already-made ring, or customize one that your partner will surely love! Shop for your one-of-a-kind jewelry now!

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