Engagement means a lifelong commitment. When you ask that special someone to marry you, you want a symbol of that commitment which will remind you both -and the world – of the beautiful and eternal nature of your bond. That’s why the engagement ring is so important.

While there are plenty of gorgeous options for engagement rings available in jewelry stores, you may wish to pursue the option of the customized engagement ring. This will ensure that your ring is truly one-of-a-kind. It also can incorporate special details that have significance for you and your families.

Here are five things to think about in designing the perfect customized engagement ring.

1. You Can Integrate Memories of Previous Generations

Purchasing a new ring is not the only way to find the perfect engagement ring for your new marriage. Many betrothed couples want to design their own rings in order to pay homage to previous generations.

Sometimes couples choose to take a ring they have inherited from a loved one and remake it to suit their own styles. If your grandmother left you an exquisite diamond ring, you might want to bring the piece to an experienced jeweler to see if the ring might be repurposed.

Prince Harry incorporated diamonds from the collection of his mother, the late Princess Diana, when he designed the engagement ring for Megan Markle. He wanted his deceased mother to be a part of their journey together.

2. You Can Design a Piece Perfect for Your Lifestyles

Designing your own ring allows you to create a ring that is suitable for your personal style and way of life. You may lead an active lifestyle and prefer to have a ring that won’t get in the way of sports or other activities.

Rings, like clothes, can go in and out of fashion. Right now, emerald cuts and round cut diamonds are exceptionally popular. If you prefer a more vintage look or an unusual style, you may have trouble finding exactly what you want in a store.

If you customize your own engagement ring, you can specify everything you desire, from the cut of the diamonds to the size of the stone to the setting. You can be as traditional or contemporary as you like. You can even use stones other than diamonds if you prefer!

3. Customized Rings Can Save Money

If you are repurposing another piece of jewelry like a relative’s ring, you may save money on a customized ring. If you already have a diamond or other stone you want to use, that could save you the cost of a new diamond and thus bring the total cost of the ring down.

Customizing allows you to work within any budget.

4. Make Sure You Are in Agreement

It’s advisable to work together if you choose to design your own engagement ring. You want to be sure that your partner agrees with any special details or design choices.

After all, it is a symbol of your mutual commitment. Now is a good time to start working together on joint decisions!

5. You Can Engrave Special Messages

Many couples like to engrave their rings with the date of the wedding, their initials, or other special messages. A customized engagement ring can fully incorporate any designs, symbols or text that hold special meaning for you two.

A Customized Engagement Ring: A Truly Individual Expression

When you opt for a customized engagement ring, you have the opportunity to create a unique token of your everlasting commitment. Whenever you both look at the ring, you will both see the care and mindfulness that went into its design, and how that symbolizes how you feel for each other.

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